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  • 102091 VC-backed companies
  • 34743 Venture capital investors
  • 25199 Venture capital funds
  • 484088 Venture capital deals
  • 72297 Venture-backed exits
  • 222505 VC executives

From discovering new opportunities to executing deals, you need a full view into the private markets to do your work effectively. PitchBook tracks every aspect of the global capital markets—from limited partners and commitments to general partners, funds, investments, companies and key players. And we serve up that robust, best-in-class data all in one place.

Our unparalleled data, along with our industry-leading research and analysis that further contextualizes it, is essential for those working within VC. With PitchBook, you can easily track changes in the market, identify new entrants, connect with the LPs most appropriate for your fund, build better benchmarks and more.

Explore the US venture capital landscape with the latest PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor report

From fundraising and dealmaking to exits, the quarterly PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor report provides a definitive review of the US VC ecosystem.

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Find the right venture capital investors

  • Get granular information on top-performing venture funds and analyze returns
  • Analyze the returns of top-performing funds
  • Evaluate fund manager performance over time
  • Conduct macro-level analyses to validate your allocation strategy
  • Get granular information on top-performing venture funds and analyze returns

    Explore a VC fund’s most important details—size, target, dry powder and more. Plus, see how much capital the fund manager has called up from LPs.

    Gain insight into the companies a VC fund has invested in, including the industry, size and type of those investments and the LPs associated with each deal.

    PitchBook fund profile showing SoftBank Vision Fund’s deal sizes and age of investments.
  • Analyze the returns of top-performing funds

    Because PitchBook connects deal and transaction data with funds and returns, you can quickly tell if a GP is driving returns with sustained growth across their portfolio or if they got one lucky break.

    Gauge a VC fund’s success using IRR, cash flow multiples (DPI, RVPI and TVPI), distributions and more.

    PitchBook fund profile showing ARCH Venture Fund VIII Overage’s returns data.
  • Evaluate fund manager performance over time

    Leverage PitchBook’s investment style summary—a proprietary analysis feature for LPs selecting a fund manager.

    Get need-to-know details on a fund manager’s investment style and historical preferences across industry, geography, deal type and deal size. Identify style drift by filtering any category by three, five or ten year increments.

    PitchBook fund profile showing Bain Capital Ventures’ investment style summary.
  • Conduct macro-level analyses to validate your allocation strategy

    Analyze and prioritize industries based on historical returns.

    Quickly and easily see where other LPs are committing capital and track how trends in deal multiples, liquidity or valuations are evolving.

    PitchBook Investor and Funds search showing capital invested and deal count for venture capital firms.

Raise venture funds—faster

  • Explore limited partners and their commitments
  • Make your own custom venture benchmarks
  • Explore limited partners and their commitments

    Leverage granular information on thousands of limited partners to ensure you target the right investors.

    Identify the investors most likely to commit to your fund with detailed LP data that includes mandates, allocations, commitments and investment preferences.

    Los Angeles County Employees’ Retirement Association profile showing their investment policy and preferences.
  • Make your own custom venture benchmarks

    Use in-depth fund data—including IRR, cash flow multiples and investments—to create custom venture benchmarks that illustrate your firm’s value with unprecedented precision.

    Craft compelling pitches that speak to potential investors’ preferences and plans for growth—and illustrate how your fund’s performance compares to broader market trends.

    PitchBook Custom Benchmarks feature showing IRR by vintage year for venture capital funds.

Source more promising investments

  • Discover new venture opportunities
  • Research VC-backed companies
  • Explore series terms and stock information
  • Access pre- and post-money valuations
  • Discover new venture opportunities

    Follow pre-venture and venture activity, plus keep tabs on PE firms, strategic acquirers, mutual funds and others participating in VC rounds.

    See an investor's portfolio to gauge their strategies and if they're finding success.

    Discover emerging industries and evaluate how companies within them are performing to determine your next steps.

    PitchBook Emerging Spaces feature showing spaces in sectors including B2B, B2C, Energy, etc.
  • Research VC-backed companies

    Confirm a company’s past financing events with information on deal type, transaction details, and the amount, status, and sum of capital raised to date.

    See a snapshot of company financials at the time of a deal with income statements, balance sheets, deal multiples, cash flows and ratios.

    PitchBook company profile showing Rappi’s ownership status, fundraising status, last deal details, etc.
  • Explore series terms and stock information

    Better understand how a VC deal was structured with insight into series terms, voting rights and liquidation preferences.

    Find out what percentage of the company was acquired, as well as evaluate stock information like share value, shares authorized and series.

    PitchBook company profile showing PsiQuantum’s deal history.
  • Access pre- and post-money valuations

    Source and vet opportunities that match your investment preferences with pre- and post-money valuations, cap tables, series terms and revenue figures.

    PitchBook company profile showing PathAI’s deal history with pre- and post- money valuations, cap tables, etc.
Ragnar Jongen

”When we raised our new round, PitchBook played a big role. We could quickly find the right investors and access the information we needed to reach out. PitchBook’s contact information on limited partners is extremely accurate.”

—Ragnar Jongen, DN Capital

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