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Find detailed data on deals across the public and private equity markets—including lead partners, multiples and valuations.

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  • 1713057 Deals
  • 484088 Venture capital investments
  • 238202 Private equity investments
  • 361506 Corporates and strategic M&A
  • 78023 IPOs, PIPEs, and secondary offerings
  • 258486 Angel investments and seed funding

1713057 global deals,

PitchBook makes it easy to discover meaningful data with filtering options that include:

Explore insight-packed deal histories and incomparable deal data with PitchBook.

Access pre- and post-money valuations

PitchBook is the world’s largest source of private company valuations, including pre- and post-money valuations and valuation step-ups.

PitchBook data showing Deliveroo’s post valuation, valuation step-up and financing timeline.

Explore series terms and stock information

Better understand how a deal was structured with insight into series terms, voting rights and liquidation preferences, as well as what percent of the company was acquired. Plus, evaluate stock information like share value, shares authorized and series.

PitchBook data showing Flexport’s cap table history.


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Gain insights into investors

Discover which investors participated in a deal, how much capital they invested and what type of investment they made. If investors are exiting, you can see that too.

Get to know the lead partners

See who a deal’s lead partner was, their title, firm, capital invested, and reach out directly to connect.

See details on advisors

Find out which lenders, law firms, accounting firms, investment banks and other advisors helped make a deal happen and what services were provided. You can also see lender types, the debt types they provided and debt amount.

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