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PitchBook’s institutional research encompasses asset class and performance measurement as well as emerging technology industry offerings. We provide full-time analyst coverage of private equity, M&A and venture capital, in addition to over 80 niche segments across 10 emerging technology industries.

Our analyst team is comprised of former business operators, investors, consultants and both buy-side and sell-side equity research analysts. These analysts monitor industry developments, scour news and trade publications, attend industry conferences and communicate directly with investors and management teams. They provide timely, independent and original research on core VC, PE and M&A verticals as well as disruptive technology industries that impact the global economy.

This approach, coupled with PitchBook’s best-in-class public and private market data and a vast client-driven network, allows us to provide differentiated insights and analysis that our clients need to invest and advise their customers.

PitchBook analysts are available for comment and are frequently featured in top-tier media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNBC and Financial Times, among others.

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Market Updates

Market Updates

The latest trends, insights and analysis on core areas related to VC, PE and M&A—driven by data from the PitchBook Platform.

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Emerging Technology Research

Emerging Technology Research

Comprehensive deep dives into nascent technology industries that include market maps, business models, industry drivers, segment outlooks and more.

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Analyst Notes

Analyst Notes

In-depth analysis on niche topics and analyst focus areas including subjects like GP stakes, SPACs, impact investing and more.

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Proprietary and comprehensive fund performance benchmarks providing insight into performance relative to other asset classes and private market strategies.

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For interview or data requests, please reach out to pr@pitchbook.com. If you have questions about our research, please contact analysis@pitchbook.com.

Before using PitchBook research, data or analyst insight in a report or article, please read through our citation requirements.