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Better understand an investor’s experience and track record with insight into previous deals, fund performance and more.

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  • 401754 Investors
  • 43157 Venture capital firms
  • 21243 Private equity firms
  • 69052 Angel investors and angel groups
  • 9368 Incubators and accelerators
  • 242231 Strategic acquirers

401754 global investors,

PitchBook makes it easy to discover meaningful data with filtering options that include:

Get key information

Find an investor’s AUM, available dry powder and office locations. View investment history at a glance—including deal size, deal type, industry and geography—with PitchBook’s proprietary investment style summary analysis.

PitchBook investor profile showing Carlyle Group's firm information, including AUM, dry powder and investment preferences.

Dig into investors’ deals and investment trends

Evaluate the team

Better understand who is on the investment team with details on the deals they’ve led, funds they’ve run and board seats they’ve held. Plus, get up-to-date contact information.

Get to know the lead partners

See the number of deals a lead partner has participated in, across which industries, and reach out directly to connect.

Assess board members

See who sits on an investor’s board, including details on their current title, role and contact information, as well as their previous experience.

“Looking at hold dates, dry powder, assets under management, targets, check size targets and financial profiles is crucial for generating the best buyer and investor ideas for our clients.”

— Matt Riendeau, Cascadia Capital

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Dive into an investor’s funds and performance data

PitchBook data on GV’s co-investors, including number of deals with GV, industry and series.

View details on co-investors

Discover active co-investors, who they co-invest with most and what deals they’ve done together. See co-investments broken down by year, series and industry.

Gain insight into limited partners

See which limited partners have committed to which funds, how often and how much. Dive into a fund’s profile to see returns data, allocation breakdowns across asset classes and mandates.

PitchBook data on Index Ventures’ limited partners, with spotlight on ATP Private Equity Partners’ commitments by fund type.

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