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PitchBook provides capital market data and intelligence solutions that help drive action. When our clients need answers, they need them fast—and that requires having reliable, intuitive tools that can adapt to their existing workflows.

That’s why we’ve built the most versatile financial analysis tools available. It’s also why we continue to differentiate ourselves from our competitors with unparalleled customer service and published research—so our clients always get more value out of their subscription than they would with other data providers.

See what sets PitchBook apart from competitors

  • Best-in-class customer success
  • Industry-leading research and analysis
  • All PitchBook clients get a dedicated customer success manager who works hard to learn about their business and the challenges they face. If our clients have a question, our customer success team has the answer.

  • Combining our best-in-class financial data and vast client network, PitchBook’s Institutional Research Group provides differentiated insight that helps our clients better navigate and capitalize on opportunities and advise their own customers.

Dive deeper into PitchBook’s key differentiators

  • Comprehensive, accurate data
  • Accessible and versatile products
  • Reliable, scalable and continually improving platform
  • All-inclusive pricing
  • Powered by our own rigorous methodologies and the expertise of hundreds of tenured data operations associates across the globe

  • No matter what unique systems or workflows our clients use, PitchBook’s data is made easily accessible through our suite of award-winning, user-focused products.

  • We understand our clients are always incorporating new datasets into their evaluation and need a tool they can count on. That’s why we’re developing PitchBook with long-term planning in mind.

  • Other data providers ask their clients to pay separately for access to different datasets. PitchBook’s all-inclusive pricing provides our clients with access to all of our data from day one.

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Best-in-class customer success

Most financial data providers just have a helpline in a single time zone that their clients can call to troubleshoot technical problems over the phone. With offices in Seattle, San Francisco, New York, London and Hong Kong, PitchBook’s live chat feature gives our clients the ability to immediately connect with a real person online anytime during business hours, Monday through Friday—anywhere around the world.

Best-in-class customer success
  • Research assistance
  • Personalized onboarding
  • Unlimited training
  • Our research team is our clients’ research team. Our analysts find the data our clients need fast, build custom reports and save them time.

  • We ask all of our new clients to let us know what problems they’re trying to solve so we can tailor the onboarding conversation to their specific needs.

  • We also provide one-on-one training whenever our clients need it—whether they’re new to PitchBook or just want a refresher.

“We believe that our PitchBook Customer Success team looks to customize our subscription to best suit our needs. The team understands why we utilize the platform and offers suggestions on tools that may be helpful.”

—Associate, Global 500 Insurance Company
Source: TechValidate

Industry-leading research and analysis

As the private markets continue to grow in size and become a larger driver of global markets, it’s never been more important to gain a comprehensive view into the strategies, sectors and companies driving the asset class. However, most of PitchBook’s competitors just sell raw data or have a handful of analysts dedicated to covering only a small corner of the private markets.

Our clients have direct access to PitchBook’s Institutional Research Group—including our Emerging Technology Research team and our analysts in London who are dedicated to the European market.

Industry-leading research and analysis
  • Full-time analyst coverage
  • Industry expertise
  • We provide full-time analyst coverage of private equity, M&A and venture capital, in addition to over 80 niche segments across 10 emerging technology industries. Analysts are available to speak on the phone with clients and discuss the specifics of any research they've written.

  • Our analyst team is comprised of former business operators, investors, consultants and both buy-side and sell-side equity research analysts. With regional focus and expertise, they monitor industry developments, attend industry conferences and communicate directly with investors and management teams to provide timely, independent and original research on VC, PE and M&A as well as disruptive technologies that impact the global economy.

“PitchBook reports help us keep up to date on industry trends. It is very important for us to be able to benchmark our fund performance—in particular, to use benchmarks that we know our investors are looking at it.”

—Vice President, Large Enterprise Financial Services Company
Source: TechValidate

Comprehensive, accurate data

Other data providers are just focused on one region or country, just the private or public markets—or only track a few entities within each market. PitchBook tracks the entire lifecycle of private capital across the globe, collecting information from multiple sources at every stage, from seed funding to secondaries.

Comprehensive, accurate data
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Data accuracy
  • Our specialized data teams collect, calculate and verify key figures to build in-depth datasets with information that cannot be found anywhere else on:

  • PitchBook’s quality assurance team uses preventative validations, corrective validations and manual reviews to relentlessly refine our data. Our primary research teams in Seattle and London then communicate directly with the people involved in deals to validate information and gather hard-to-find details.

96% of PitchBook clients rate PitchBook’s coverage of private companies as better than other data providers.

Source: TechValidate survey of 802 users of PitchBook

Accessible and versatile products

Other data providers still use clunky interfaces that make it difficult to quickly move between datasets and aren’t capable of working in concert with an organization’s existing processes. Our award-winning software gives our clients access to all the data and analytical tools they need to get answers fast, discover promising opportunities and more.

Accessible and versatile products

“PitchBook is our go-to source for deal flow generation and startup due diligence. We use it daily, define alerts, check out companies both in the office and on the go and support our due diligence with comparable transactions data, exit analysis and competitive analysis.”

–Assaf Shamia, Investment Director, G+D Ventures
Source: TechValidate

Reliable, scalable and continually improving platform

Other data providers sell access to a relatively static and narrow group of datasets—and when they do make updates to their software, it requires major disruptions to their clients’ workflows. PitchBook is always improving—and is designed to evolve seamlessly with our clients’ needs.

Reliable, scalable and continually improving platform
  • Continual improvement
  • Consistent, nondisruptive updates
  • PitchBook is built on a microservices architecture. This provides our engineers an environment that can be continually tested, independently deployed and owned by smaller, specialized product teams—which means we can continue to improve our product in real time, without interrupting our clients’ service.

  • PitchBook routinely updates every six hours to address new releases and general improvements—without users experiencing any change in performance.

“PitchBook is fast and user-friendly. We have saved lots of time and energy”

—Michael Welch, Financial Analyst, Charter Private Capital Management, Inc
Source: TechValidate

All-inclusive pricing

Other data providers ask their clients to pay separately for access to all the datasets they need. We believe access to the full breadth of our private and public market data helps our clients identify global trends across asset classes, industries and regions. That’s why every PitchBook client has complete access to all of our data at no additional cost.

All-inclusive pricing
  • Interconnected data
  • Built-in analysis tools
  • Straightforward user interface
  • All of the data within PitchBook is connected and easily discoverable so our clients can seamlessly access information spanning the public and private markets.

    When viewing an investor’s profile, for example, our clients can quickly see that investor’s funds, the limited partners that have committed to those funds, the performance of their individual portfolio companies and even the actual deals those funds have made.

  • PitchBook provides built-in tools such as pivot tables, benchmarks, chart builders and direct download options (Excel, PDF, PNG, PPT) to ensure our clients can quickly gain and share actionable insight from our comprehensive datasets.

  • All of PitchBook’s features are built with ease of use in mind. This keeps the entire platform accessible and has resulted in countless CODiE awards.

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