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Dive into corporate debt data to find deal details, see which companies are taking on debt and identify refinancing opportunities.

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  • 327479 Debt financings
  • Junior and senior debt
  • Subordinated debt
  • Venture debt
  • Bridge financing
  • Revolving credit lines
  • Fundamentals
  • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
  • Secured and unsecured debt

327479 global debt financings,

PitchBook makes it easy to discover meaningful data with filtering options that include:

View key information

Get baseline debt deal details—like deal type, deal amount and date—with insightful summaries.

PitchBook company profile showing details of Henry Company’s March 2020 debt deal.

Dig into deals

See lenders, amounts and roles played, and get specifics like maturity date, spread/interest rate and spread. Explore a company’s financials at the time of the deal, including deal multiples, income statements, balance sheets and ratios. If any advisors participated, see services provided and lead partners.

PitchBook data showing lenders and financials for British Airways’ May 2020 debt deal.

Understand a company’s capital structure

Assess a company’s current financial health, risk profile and potential for strategic fit using information on debt and equity capital structure. Identify likely buyouts, acquisition targets and debt refinancing or recapitalization opportunities with insight into cost of capital (including WACC), equity dilution, debt maturity and solvency ratios.

Gain insights into debt activity and competition

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