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Due Diligence

Pitches are biased. PitchBook isn‘t. Our data not only gives you details that enhance pitches, but it also puts companies, funds and financial sponsors into perspective. Determine what opportunities to pursue and who to work with based on the big picture, not a snapshot.

Quickly vet potential investments

Evaluate companies‘ financing histories, series terms, cap tables, revenue figures, executives, investors and more to determine which targets are worth pursuing.

Compare a potential investment to similar companies and industry trends to get a better idea of the target‘s growth and trajectory.

Quickly vet potential investments

Get the real story behind financial sponsors

Benchmark a fund you‘ve been pitched against a peer group you choose (based on underlying factors like portfolio construction and industry focus) to get a more objective view of a general partner‘s performance and place in the landscape.

See which fund managers consistently drove returns (or got lucky once) with insight into the deals they‘ve led and how those transactions affected fund performance.

Determine if your company should take financing from a financial sponsor based on how well the firm‘s investments are performing.

Get the real story behind financial sponsors

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