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Access timely, institutional-grade private market research that delivers unmatched expertise and analysis. Built on sophisticated frameworks that apply an investor-first approach, our research services PitchBook clients throughout the entire investment and due diligence workflow—complete with direct access to our analysts.

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Risk is inherent in the private markets and our Institutional Research Group is here to help you navigate the entire investment process. Our best-in-class research is built on sophisticated methodologies and frameworks that help you gain the conviction you need to successfully invest. From understanding new investment strategies, benchmarking fund performance, mapping company ecosystems to providing detailed industry outlooks, our analysts provide the information edge you need to be successful.

Excerpt from PitchBook’s Private Fund Strategies Report showing overview of private capital funds landscape.

Understand the nuances and complexities of opportunities in the market

Keeping up with the volume and pace of information flow in today’s financial markets is a monumental task for any size team. PitchBook’s thematic research puts private market opportunities and challenges into greater context so you can understand the larger forces at play. We provide the timely and trusted insights you need to understand the nuances driving global markets.

Cover and introduction excerpt from PitchBooks’s Analyst Note: The 2020 SPAC Frenzy.

Evaluate nascent and emerging technology sectors

Today’s private market landscape is full of nascent sectors and industries that are often challenging to monitor. They require a vast understanding of rapidly growing technologies and a clear picture of opportunities and risks. Our research applies an investor-first approach to construct rigorous methodologies and frameworks to evaluate these sectors—so you can get up to speed before stepping into a new space.

Covers and excerpts from PitchBook’s emerging technology reports that include mobility tech market map and infosec VC funnel.

About PitchBook Institutional Research Group

The PitchBook Institutional Research Group is a provider of research services to private market investors, advisers and market participants. The group provides investment strategy, fund performance and industry research through a differentiated, framework-driven approach. Built to track the lifecycle of private capital markets, the group brings to the private markets the insights, trends and forecasts that have long been available for public market investors.

Our teams published work sits on top of the world’s most comprehensive private market database delivering unparalleled expertise. Additionally, PitchBook clients have the option to access our analysts directly via phone and email or for in-depth presentations, on-site visits, ad-hoc research, and data support where applicable.

Excerpt from PitchBook’s US VC Valuations report showing valuation trends for AI/ML VC-backed companies.

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Market Updates

Market Updates

The latest trends, insights and analysis on core areas related to VC, PE and M&A—driven by data from the PitchBook Platform.

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Emerging Technology Research

Emerging Technology Research

Comprehensive deep dives into nascent technology industries that include market maps, business models, industry drivers, segment outlooks and more.

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Analyst Notes

Analyst Notes

In-depth analysis on niche topics and analyst focus areas including subjects like GP stakes, SPACs, impact investing and more.

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Proprietary and comprehensive fund performance benchmarks providing insight into performance relative to other asset classes and private market strategies.

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