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3402283 global companies,

PitchBook makes it easy to discover meaningful data with filtering options that include:

Get key information

Get up-to-speed on any company’s products or offerings, founding year, ownership and financing status.

PitchBook's data on SpaceX's August 2020 $1.9B later stage VC deal including investors and advisors.

Evaluate financing histories

See a company’s financing history, deal multiples, valuations and series terms. Plus, understand debt obligations with standardized UCC filings. Gain insight into their capital structures with round-by-round private company cap tables.

Dive deeper into company financials, valuations and comps


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Get to know the executives and board members

Better understand who is leading a company and sitting on its board with details on their experience and education. Plus, get up-to-date contact information.

Meet a company’s investors

See a company’s active and former investors, their associated deals and how much equity they have. Hover on an investor to see their highlights and click to get even more information.

Gain public ownership details

Get ownership data for public companies, including the top 100 institutional and insider shareholders, percentages held, current shares and market value.

Discover competitors and similar companies

Quickly find players in a niche space or learn more about a company’s competitive landscape to compare and discern which companies are similar. Check the similarity scores and comp metrics of competing companies, too.

Follow non-financial metrics

In addition to web traffic, social media following, job openings and mobile app reviews, gauge how much traction a company is getting with non-financial metrics that also include:

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