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  • 361506 M&A deals
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  • Reverse mergers
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  • Asset acquisitions

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Get the size, date and other important details about deals with our M&A overview. Plus, see a snapshot of a company when it was acquired with data like employee count, industry and vertical and capital raised to date.

PitchBook company profile showing Altran Technologies’ financing timeline, with highlights of April 2020 M&A deal.

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“We feel more informed about private transactions than we otherwise would be without PitchBook. This is relevant when prospecting, pitching, and executing both sell side M&A as well as capital raise transactions.”

—Seth Kaufman, Kaufman & Company, LLC

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PitchBook data showing Sky UK’s M&A comps analysis with highlight on Netia’s valuation/revenue and valuation/EBITDA.

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See similar companies that have been acquired to better understand what companies may be purchased or sold for relative to their peers. Easily access company and deal details, including similarity scores, deal dates, verticals and investors. Plus, explore deal multiples and financials to uncover deal amounts, deal multiples, margins and financials like revenue and EBITDA.

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